Virgin Renaissance

This wood type letterpress print has been produced as a specimen of the new wood type version of Virgin Renaissance made by Virgin Wood Type Mfg. Co. in Rochester, NY.

The inspiration for Virgin’s Renaissance was William H. Page’s Renaissance Chromatic. Page mastered wood type manufacturing in the mid- to late-1800s, and the pinnacle of his craft was published in the book Specimens of Chromatic Wood Types, Borders, Etc. in 1874. Few Page original wood type chromatics survive today and are revered for not only their rarity but for their beauty as well. James Grieshaber, of P22, redrew this font for optimal cutting on Virgin’s pantograph router.

This multi-color specimen was hand printed by James Grieshaber and Geri McCormick on the Vandercook Universal III in the P22 print shop. The type printed with two overprinted rainbow rolls—one green to cyan, and the other magenta to orange—with the colophon printed in grey. This is an 100lb text print, measures 12" x 18", in an edition of 60, signed and numbered.

• 12" x 18"
• Two overprinted rainbow rolls plus grey inks
• Mohawk Superfine white 100 lb. text stock
• Signed and numbered
• Limited edition of only 60

Virgin Renaissance Wood Type Specimen Print - $50.00 purchase
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