The city of Trenton, New Jersey, has an unofficial motto emblazoned on the Lower Trenton Bridge: “Trenton Makes, the World Takes”. This slogan has become a well known landmark for locals and visitors alike. Trenton is also the name of a slender wood type with concave curves and stems that make this sans-serif appear to have serifs.

This letterpress print features 3 sizes of the Trenton wood type along with other type and decorative elements printed in Sliver, Gold and Black on a variety of backgrounds on chipboard,

Since each background is a different color or combination of colors, you can choose a color-range or pick “Dealers Choice” and you’ll get what you get ... but rest assured each one is lovely in its own post-industrial aesthetic way.

• 28" × 10"
• Black, silver, and gold inks
• Chipboard stock
• Limited edition of only 25

Trenton Letterpress Print purchase
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