The White Album

This trio of letterpress prints was created by Richard Kegler at the P22 studio on the Vandercook Universal III press during the lockdowns and uncertainty of the 2020 pandemic. All three prints are inspired by songs found on side four of the Beatles White Album (released November 22, 1968). Each is hand-printed, initialed, and numbered in a limited edition of 100 copies.

Revolution #1
The song Revolution #1 is a more laid back version of the song featured on the B-side of Hey Jude. In this version Lennon states that in regard to talking about destruction, you can count him ‘out’, followed by the word ‘in’. This print presents both options and is styled after classic wood type protest posters. Using vintage wood type, the color scheme evokes a late 1960s sensibility rather than a stark black and red that might be used with this type of design.

• 12" × 18"
• 2 press runs—each as a split-fountain for a wide range of color
• 118lb Boxcar Flurry Off-White cover stock
• Signed and numbered
• Limited edition of 100

Good News
The song Savoy Truffle by George Harrison features lyrics extracted from a box of chocolates from the Mackintosh company. The original design of the Good News assortment box features styled chocolates with their names underneath. This print was made by redrawing each of the chocolates having the wood blocks laser-cut for relief printing. The test was set in 10pt Venus Extended Medium type along with 48pt Bulmer Italic. A solid tint block in the background was printed from a type-high wood block. The print takes this piece of 1960s advertising and presents it as an art print suitable for framing.

• 15" × 12"
• 4 press runs—in shades of brown
• 118lb Boxcar Flurry Bright White cover stock
• Signed and numbered
• Limited edition of 100

This print features four layers of off-white ink as well as a blind deboss and silver crash numbering on glass white cover stock. The full effect is difficult to capture in a photograph. A quick look might see vague typographic forms on a mostly white field. The idea was to use snippets of “lyrics” found in this most challenging of all Beatles songs for a visually challenging print that evokes the White Album’s minimal cover design but one that has been well used and perhaps found in a second-hand shop. The print is editioned with a numbering machine on a platen press using silver ink as were the original copies of the White Album.

• 13" × 19"
• 5 press runs
• 11.2pt (250 GSM) Mohawk Chromolux High White cover stock
• Signed and numbered
• Limited edition of 100

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