Tape Excavation LP

This limited edition vinyl LP was created to accompany the deluxe edition of the Savage Impressions book published by P22 in February 2020. Tape Excavation was compiled by Bruce Licher in early 2019 after scouring through dozens of boxes of cassette tapes from rehearsals, demos, and other recordings to find previously unheard nuggets from his various musical endeavors. Dating from his first recordings for Independent Project Records in 1980 to a rehearsal demo of his current musical endeavor SR2, a collaboration with his wife Karen Nielsen Licher, this compilation contains 14 intriguing windows into the ongoing evolution of Licher’s sound and musical vision.

A little over 400 gold vinyl copies and 250 black vinyl copies were made. 350 gold were matched up with their corresponding numbered deluxe edition books leaving very few gold vinyl available à la carte. P22 also has copies of the black vinyl edition for sale.

Tape Excavation Standard Black LP: IP073/P22-019
  • Pressed on standard black vinyl 12"
  • Letterpress-printed sleeve in black and silver inks
  • Die-cut folded sleeve
  • Printed by Bruce Licher
  • Numbered limited edition of 200

Tape Excavation Deluxe Gold LP: IP073/P22-019
  • Pressed on gold colored vinyl 12"
  • Letterpress-printed sleeve in black and gold inks
  • Die-cut folded sleeve
  • Printed by Bruce Licher
  • Numbered limited edition of 350

    Side A:
    1. PROJECT 197 - The Out Sound
    (unreleased studio out-take, edited version 1980) 2:22
    2. Bridge - Bridge
    (UCLA parking garage reel-to-reel 4-track recording, 1981) 2:18
    3. FINAL REPUBLIC - Chase
    (Theodorakis song from a garage rehearsal from 1982) 2:02
    4. FINAL REPUBLIC - The Unknown
    (garage rehearsal experiment, 1982) 2:39
    5. SAVAGE REPUBLIC - First Siege (1983 Rough Trade demo) 1:53
    6. SAVAGE REPUBLIC - Assembly of The Dead
    (1983 Rough Trade demo) 3:23
    7. LEMON WEDGES - Untitled
    (mid-90’s home rehearsal recording - Karen & Bruce) 1:52
    8. BRUCE LICHER - Cedar (Scenic demo circa 1997) 1:35
    9. BRUCE LICHER - Tundra (Scenic demo circa 1997) 2:12

    Side B:
    1. SCENIC - Theme For Better Times (late 90’s rehearsal demo) 3:38
    2. LANTERNA with BRUCE LICHER - B minor (recorded live in Sedona at Random Acts of Coffee, 2004) 5:20
    3. RANK - Advancement (version) (film soundtrack session mid-2000’s with Michael Krassner recorded at The Ice House, Phoenix, AZ) 5:56
    4. BRUCE LICHER - Birthdaysong (7x7 is) (home demo circa 2007) 4:14
    5. SR2 - The Great Escape (rehearsal demo, April 2019) 2:50

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