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The P22 print studio is a solitary enclave where social distancing is not so tricky. In the downtime between other projects, an occasional print is inspired by any number of factors and inclinations. We offer these limited edition prints for sale as a way to keep our rent paid of course, but also to engage with our collection of vintage wooden printing blocks. Known as the "Pollack Collection”, the thousands of blocks in the P22 studio were rescued from a wicked antique dealer who also cut these blocks up to make sculpture. Originally made and used by the HN Pollack Poster Print Co. in Buffalo NY, where it once boasted being “The Largest Printer East of the Mississippi” and “The Nation's Printer." The P22 studio has several thousand blocks from this collection awaiting the opportunity to be inked and printed again. Prints that have already made good use of this collection include: P22 Ltd Edition Prints #1-4, Slowdive, Reduced, Price Dots, and others.

Co-designed and printed by Amelia Hugill-Fontanel and Richard Kegler, this print is 12”x 19” and was executed on March 11 in the midst of uncertain and mysterious utterances from US Leadership on the brink of admitting that "something big" was going on. The silhouette block was originally intended for some fantastic variety store sales event, but conjures up more of invasion of the bodysnatchers vibe.

These prints each have a unique background which is the result of cleaning the presses with paper rather than rags. The model of press we use (Vandercook Universal III) allows for the paper to be fed through the rollers without being mangled. The ink ends up on the sheets and saves on wasted rags! The atmospheric backgrounds add an additional level of depth to an otherwise flat print. We are still considering this an edition of 25, signed and numbered.

To order, select a number from the drop menu (or select 'surprise me' and we will choose one for you and throw in a bonus print from the archive!)

***Please note: Since there is only one of each print pictured, prior sales may cause selection to be pre-sold. In that case we will contact you to select a different option***

• 12 x 19"
• White and gold inks, on various color cleaning sheets
• Signed and numbered
• Limited edition of only 25

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