P22/ Atom Smash Records CD bundle

Girlpope vs. Bobo - LIve!

Girlpope - Cheeses of Nazareth

Temple of Music - Various

Girlpope - The Whole Scene Going

Bobo - EP

The Amazing All My Children Band - Tangent

Odiorne - Want Them Leaving More

P22/ Atom Smash CD Bundle
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The Atom Smash record label was established by P22 as a side project to showcase local and independent recording artists in and around Western New York. P22 Records, the parent imprint, features releases with crossover appeal to our font customers and all things type. These releases, such as the popular Rod McKuen reissues and the William Caslon Experience include a fully installable and usable font that is related to the audio release. Many of these great titles have sold out over time, but several remain. So, we are offering a fantastic deal for a limited time- the P22 Records/Atom Smash CD Bundle . The bundle contains 7 audio CD releases on CD for only $28 - only $4 each! OR you can but them individually for $8 each Shipping charges are additional.

The song: Hey, (Let's hear it for the Single Girl) from the Cheeses of Nazareth CD has been featured in the ABC series "Men in Trees"

"Wow. While on one hand this album (Cheeses of Nazareth) could easily stand proudly alongside anything put out by the Lookout/Mint juggernaut, it also sounds like the album that should have followed the Replacements "Hootenanny" but didn't. Simply, truly a brilliant record. Chock full of pop/punk gems that sparkle like jagged little diamonds with lyrics that are intelligent and fun to sing along to. Unlike other bands riding the wave of punk-revival popularity, Girlpope actually deserves to be successfull, and if it isn't a good enough reason to visit Buffalo, then I don't know what is."
- Chart Magazine

"Girlpope's The Whole Scene Going...these guys...have a whole lot going for them in this energetic yet compact collection of catchy mod rock songs revelling in the raw attack of irreverent noise pop."
- Roxanne Blanford - Allmusic

"Jimy Chambers bailed from Mercury Rev's deep-space ooze after Deserter's Songs to form the decidedly more intense Odiorne. Chambers' husky, Richard Butler-like moan is a far cry from Jonathan Donahue's nitrous-oxide falsetto, but Rev producer Dave Fridmann leaves his sticky fingerprints all over Odiorne's acidic horn arrangements. "Silent Treatment" bubbles like a volcano made of latex while "Morningstar," like a runaway SUV on a police video, slashing though rush-hour traffic, coming to rest in the center divide only when Chambers runs out of breath."
- Magnet

7 CD P22/ Atom Smash Records bundle - $29.95 soldout
Temple of Music - Various (P22-002) - $7.95 soldout
Girlpope - Cheeses (P22-003) - $7.95 soldout
The AAMC Band - Tangent (P22-004) - $7.95 soldout
Girlpope - Whole Scene... (P22-007) - $7.95 soldout
Bobo - EP (P22-008) - $7.95 soldout
Girlpope vs. Bobo -LIve (P22-011) - $7.95 soldout
Odiorne - Want Them... (P22-015) - $7.95 soldout
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