P22 Stamp Booklet

Studio artist James Grieshaber decided to make a commemorative stamp sheet that celebrated the various locations where P22 did business over the years. P22 just happened to have a stock of their logo cast in lead. The rest of the artwork was created from metal type, ornaments, and found cuts from the collection at the Wells College Book Arts Center. Linoleum blocks were then cut to create clouds over the buildings to tie them all together.

The 3-color dry-gum stamp sheets were are finished on a Rosback perforator to give it that classic stamp look and feel. The sheet is staple stitched into a 7.25" x 5.5" cover, printed silver on black French paper. And it all comes is a protective Glassine sleeve—as stamps should.

* * * These stamps are known as Cinderella stamps and are not to be used for postage. Not valid as legal tender. Please do not use these for postage!

• 7.25" x 5.5"
• Letterpress printed in 3 colors
• Dry-gum stamp stock
• Rosback perforations
• Staple stitched into a letterpress cover
• Presented in a protective Glassine sleeve
• Limited supply

P22 Stamp Booklet - $9.95 purchase
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