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As media continues to lean towards digital and fewer printed pieces are being made, we find people still enjoy printed type specimens. P22 has decided to redouble its efforts to keep print alive by continuing the P22 specimen chapbook series. Each of these 32 page books are printed in a limited edition of 1500, usually with hand printed letterpress covers featuring metallic inks on chipboard, with exceptions noted below. Each book measures 4.5" x 6.5" and showcases a specific P22 collection, font family, or style of font.

#11 - HWT Bernice
HWT Bernice is an ornament font system designed by Marian Bantjes for the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum's border stamping machine as a contemporary application for this 150 year old machine. The digital font version expands a bit beyond the punch machine and allows designers to assemble a multitude of options using flipped and rotated variations of these basic shapes by using simple keystrokes. This specimen chapbook begins to show the user what is possible with the HWT Bernice font by giving examples of arabesques, patterns, borders, and even assembled letters that can all be created from these shapes.
(Covers are letterpress printed in red and blue inks on sunflower yellow stock. Insides printed dark violet.)

#10 - P22 Cocktail Book
The pages of this book are filled with contemporary cocktail recipes provided by friends and associates of P22 (Including the Brothers Quay, Rod McKuen, and a cadre of typographic movers and shakers). Each spread has been designed by James Grieshaber with P22 borders, ornaments, and headline fonts evocative of the recipes they are illustrating to showing the diversity of the P22 font library.
(Covers are letterpress printed in black and light blue inks on one of four color stocks: Chromolux Metallic Gold, Chromolux Metallic Silver, Curious Cosmic Pulsar Red, or Curious Skin Absinthe stock. Insides printed black and light blue on coated stock.)

#9 - P22 Ornament Coloring Book
Thirty pages of ornaments culled from all the P22 collections, arranged for you to color by Richard Kegler and James Grieshaber, to show the diversity of the ornaments found in P22 fonts sets.
(Process color cover, black inside)

#8 - Charles E. Burchfield - The Font Project
The Burchfield-Penney Art Center in Buffalo featured an exhibit of work by P22 Type Foundry which highlighted a special font commissioned by the BPAC. This font, based on the handwriting of noted American artist Charles E. Burchfield, is a proprietary font made for the museum and not available to the public. See more images of this book.
(Process color cover, black inside)

#7 - Hamilton Wood Type Collection
The HWT Collection chapbook was an unexpected addition to the P22 chapbook series. The inside is styled after the classic Wm. H. Page & Co. pocket sized wood type specimen books. See more images of this book.
(Embossed wood grain and foil stamped on cover.)

#6 - Stickley Optical Font Family
Stickley Pro is a font family by Michael Stickley with optical sizes for Text, Caption, Headline and Display use.
(Metallic red ink on cover and black & red inside.)

#5 - A Brief History of Graphic Design as Told Through P22 Fonts
One hundred fonts from the P22 collections are arranged in a semi chronological sequence and relative to important eras and movements in art and design history.
(Blue/silver ink on cover and black inside.)

#4 - Lanston Type Co.
The designs of the American half of the legendary Lanston Monotype Company made its way to P22 after a series of owners, and now this chapbook officially becomes the first Lanston Type Co. print catalog in over 20 years.
(Dark green ink on cover and inside.)

#3 - P22 Script fonts
Well over fifty assorted script fonts featured in this book with a focus on a wide scope of calligraphic, handwriting, and otherwise flowing examples of lettering arts offered by P22 Type Foundry via IHOF, LTC, and P22 Collections.
(Silver ink on cover, red/black inside.)

#2 - Mackinac Pro
Mackinac Pro is an award winning type family from designer Mike Beens.
(Copper ink on cover, blue/black inside.)

#1 - Rimmer Type Foundry
The collected digital fonts of Jim Rimmer. Please note that the RTF fonts are currently available via CanadaType, with the exception of Stern Pro.
(Silver ink on cover, brown/black inside.)
Note: SOLD OUT, but is still available as part of the complete set of all eleven chapbooks, while supplies last.

Set of 11 Chapbooks - $29.95 soldout
#11 - HWT Bernice - $5.00 soldout
#10 - P22 Cocktail Book-Gold - $5.00 soldout
#10 - P22 Cocktail Book-Pulsar Red - $5.00 soldout
#10 - P22 Cocktail Book-Absynthe - $5.00 soldout
#10 - P22 Cocktail Book-Silver - $5.00 soldout
# 9 - P22 Ornament Coloring Book - $5.00 soldout
#8 - Charles E. Burchfield - $5.00 soldout
#7 - Hamilton Wood Type Collection - $5.00 soldout
#6 - Stickley Optical Family - $5.00 soldout
#5 - A Brief History...P22 fonts - $5.00 soldout
#4 - Lanston Type Co. - $5.00 soldout
#3 - P22 Script fonts - $5.00 soldout
#2 - Mackinac Pro - $5.00 soldout
#1 - Rimmer Type Foundry - $5.00 soldout
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