P22 Blox ABC

This print is one of the few in-house uses of the P22 Blox for a specific print. This print was completed in 2019 by Richard Kegler before moving into the new P22 studio in Rochester as an exercise in using the P22 Blox to make a type specimen (A-Z). Using basic CMY colors and without makeready adjustments to let the Blox print without concern for perfect inking, the default alignment of letter positions and overlap of colors start as a readable ABC etc. … and then drift into color and pattern dictated by their fitting into a 10" x 10" square. Found hidden away in the P22 flat file archives, we are now making this print available for sale at a special price.

• 18" × 12"
• 10" × 10" image area
• Cyan, magenta, yellow inks
• 118lb Boxcar Flurry white cover stock
• Limited edition of only 25
• Signed and numbered

P22 Blox ABC Specimen Print - $25.00 purchase
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