New P22 Type Gauge Multi-Tool

P22 is happy to present our Type Gauge Multi-Tool. This new version is similar to our previous laser-cut, fluorescent-orange, acrylic tool, with a few improvements and now cut from 1mm thick stainless steel.

"Necessity is the mother of invention." While we didn't invent anything brand new, we did seek out a solution to a print-shop need, and we are happy to bring you this essential tool for letterpress printers. We wanted a quick and easy type gauge to sort metal type and spacing in our studio. There are a couple gauges available, but this is not a common tool in most print shops. We looked at the various styles and decided to pare ours down to basic measurements and even add a few extra features not found in other gauges. One side has notched gaps to precisely identify and measure type and spacing. The other edge is a Pica scale marked in 6 and 12 point increments. At the bottom we included a Type High gauge, and it can even be used to pry open ink cans!

We've got a whole cabinet of pied type (got tipped over in a move many years ago), and since we acquired one of these the intern sorting has been much faster and more accurate.
- Veronica

This is an invaluable type measuring ruler.
- David

New P22 Type Gauge Multi-Tool - $14.95 purchase
25 unit EDU pack - $250.00 purchase
10 pack - $125.00 purchase
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