Indie Fonts 3

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This is the limited edition hardcover version with dust jacket available only from this site and select resellers. The flexbound edition is more widely available through standard booksellers from Rockport Publishers.

• Hardcover with dust jacket
• 416 pages
• 20 Foundries
• 1900 Font Showings
• 53 Fonts on Bonus CD

Independent type designers have devoted their talents to producing fresh new fonts that can give your designs a major boost.

Indie Fonts 3 provides a showcase collection of over 1900 diverse fonts from 20 of today's most eclectic digital type foundries and features the best work of these designers. Indie Fonts 3 along with the original Indie Fonts and Indie Fonts 2 will help you find some of the highest quality fonts available today.

In the early 20th century, type reference books provided users with samples from the major monolithic type companies. This book is styled after those classic tools, but features independent firms whose fonts, like their names, are unique.

The book's fully cross-referenced index of type designs and designers accompanied by one-line illustrations of the fonts for quick reference, expedites the search. Direct access listings to the foundries' websites and phone numbers, allows the user to put any remaining questions directly to the type designers!

Indie Fonts 3 comes with a companion CD-ROM–worth much more than the retail cost of the book–featuring and unprecedented 53 representative fonts from the book's independent foundries (fully licensed and ready to install). Searching the web and looking at pixilated web images is not a satisfactory way to find the best type for your needs. Using this book and CD-ROM is a far better method to find unique fonts–from the extremely useful to the surprisingly experimental. Also included are the essays: Eight is not enough by noted typophile Yves Peters and How I learned to stop worrying and love the EULA by typographic designer and educator Tiffany Wardle.

Features the foundries:
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