Goudy Cloister Initials

Cloister Initials are being made available for a very limited offering as sets of 60-point and 72-point metal type, each containing the letters A-Z plus 2 tint blocks. Cloister Initials were originally designed by Frederic Goudy and released through American Type Founders in 1917 in sizes from 36–144 point. They were later offered by Lanston Monotype when Goudy became the Typographic Director of the company. These decorative initials are reminiscent of the floriated capitals seen in ancient manuscripts and early printing that sought to imitate manuscripts.

This type is cast by Gregory Walters in Piqua, Ohio on a Monotype Giantcaster with Lanston Monotype mats. Mr. Walters owns some of the only machines capable of casting matrices this size. The type metal he uses is reclaimed foundry metal tin, lead, and antimony alloy.

Included with your order of the physical type is a digital font called LTC Goudy Initials. This digital font contains all the metal initials found in this metal type set to help you compose your work on screen before heading to press.

See a detailed description and photos of how Gregory Walters cast the 120-point Cloister Initials (this size no longer available).

We also have a specimen poster made from the 120-point Cloister Initials in our shop.

Goudy Cloister Initials purchase
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