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Jim Rimmer

Jim Rimmer’s background includes years with hot metal type in the composing room, and in the operation of the Linotype and the Monotype. He continued designing and cutting faces in metal in concert with those that he designed for digital format on his Macintosh.

His experience in graphic design covered over 40 years, encompassing positions in advertising agencies and design studios. For more than 25 years he had the good fortune to experience the mixed blessings of freelancing as a letterer, designer, and illustrator.

Jim is the main subject in the film Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century

Jim's collection of original fonts are now available via Canadatype

Fonts by Jim Rimmer:

Family of 0 font from

Family of 20 fonts from LTC

Family of 13 fonts from LTC

Family of 16 fonts from LTC

Family of 4 fonts from LTC

Record Title
Family of 1 font from LTC

Stern Pro
Family of 1 font from IHOF
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