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James Grieshaber

James Grieshaber

is a type designer, typo­grapher, and graphic designer based in Rochester, NY. He graduated from the Graphic Design pro­gram at Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT), where he has also taught undergraduate typography.

James has worked at P22 type foundry creating typefaces and producing font sets for retail sale, including packaging, advertising, and other graphic support. He now creates and sells fonts through his own digital type foundry,


. He also works for

Virgin Wood Type Mfg. Co.

where besides creating wood type by hand, he is responsible for digitally drawing customer special orders, replacement letters, and new & revival fonts. James has created digital fonts for P22 Type Foundry (


), Hamilton Wood Type (


), Google (

Reenie Beanie

), Microsoft (

Segoe Print

), and Apple (



James is an Ex Officio board member of Society of Typographic Aficionados(


), an active member of American Printing History Association(


), and is a Studio Artist of Book Arts at the Flower City Arts Center in Rochester.

Fonts by James Grieshaber:

Family of 5 fonts from HWT

Art Deco
Family of 3 fonts from P22

Arts and Crafts
Family of 9 fonts from P22

Family of 7 fonts from P22

Family of 4 fonts from IHOF

Family of 6 fonts from HWT

Glaser Babyfat
Family of 0 font from

Gothic Gothic
Family of 1 font from IHOF

Italian Oldstyle
Family of 8 fonts from LTC

Family of 1 font from IHOF

Family of 4 fonts from IHOF

Family of 3 fonts from P22

Wood Type
Family of 4 fonts from P22

Family of 7 fonts from IHOF
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