Designer Profiles
Gabor Kothay

Gabor Kothay was born July 19th, 1962. He works as a graphic designer and teaches second-form art students. Typeface design was a hobby for many years but it has become an everyday routine with Fontmunksok and Fontana Type Foundry. Kothay has won the prestigious Munkácsy Prize from the Ministry of Culture and Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists. He lives with his wife and two daughters in a suburb of Szeged, a sunny southern Hungarian town that lies on the banks of the Tisza river.

Fonts by Gabor Kothay:

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Family of 6 fonts from IHOF

Family of 4 fonts from IHOF

Family of 1 font from IHOF

Family of 2 fonts from IHOF

Family of 2 fonts from IHOF
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