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Welcome to P22's New website!

Monday, December 30th, 2013 | 4 comments

Redesigned from the ground up, the new P22 website features an improved user experience for finding, previewing and purchasing fonts. After several years of a hosting a website that was designed to allow for quick load times, we realized that the options for seeing samples were limited and searching was not as intuitive as it could be.

With the new P22 website, fonts can be previewed from any of the four collections (P22, International House of Fonts, Lanston & Hamilton) and easily searched via keywords within all collections. You can even scan every family on one page. Each font family page features live web-fonts for testing out any text you might want to see in any font, as well as hand-picked similar font recommendations.

The newly remade TypeCaster tool allows you to choose any fonts to compare your exact text side-by-side with any of our other fonts. In addition, links to sample PDF specimens and expanded "behind the fonts" pages that give background history, source images and additional insights into the making of many of our fonts including all of the Hamilton Wood Type collection.

The new user account feature allows you to save your basic information for easy access to your order history. Upon setting up your new account, you can download a new free font that is not otherwise available to the public. Opting into our mailing list means you will get announcements and sales notices on an occasional basis.

Now any font in any of the P22 type foundry collections can be purchased as Opentype desktop or Webfont formats as well as easy licensing for apps and e-publications. Licensing options are clearly explained so you can choose the right license for your needs. Immediate downloads means you can have your new fonts in minutes and strait using them for your projects.

As with any major overhaul, the new site may have a few bumps or oversights. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for any detail of our new site. Our hope is that the new design and interface will make finding the perfect font for the job a pleasant experience.


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Welcome to P22's New website!

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