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ALL CAPS not always all good

Sunday, April 01st, 2001 | 2 comments

We don't want to keep saying don't do that don't do this... but one of the great typographic crimes is to use all caps in a highly decorative font. Have you seen a shop sign such as YE OLDE CHEESE SHOPPE that uses all caps Old English letters. You think to yourself, it looks funny to me, but Im not a sign maker, they must know what they are doing and I'm the one who is wrong. are correct. The person who made that sign should have been slapped

A specific example of how all caps can be bad is our Cezanne font which can be an all-caps nightmare. Illustrated here is the same phrase in all-caps and then... not.

There are many fonts such as Johnston Underground Bold and Terracotta however that are all caps and you have no choice, but when using a decorative font...choose wisely.


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Posted by Joy Powers | on Monday, June 21st, 2021

All caps are not always all good for us. We start to give you multiple demands just only to take your . If you are going to pickup such examples that time hope you go and make the things perfect. Either you use caps in your working or not.

Posted by Jesse Hayden | on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

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