Support & FAQs

We hope that reading through this FAQ will address most technical issues that may arise as well as most questions regarding licensing and general information. If you do not find the information that you require here, please use our contact form.


Get answers to where and how to purchase P22 fonts and licenses.

Downloading & Installing

Need help installing your font. This is the place.

General Font Information

All kinds of information dealing with font basics and type terminology that is used when talking type. Find about formats and what's included within our fonts all here.

Opentype Features

An overview of the OpenType font format and a description of the features sometimes included with OpenType fonts.

Font File Upgrades

What to do if you need an upgrade.

Licensing & Usage

You have not purchased the ownership rights to this font, but rather a license to use this font on a limited basis..... Here you can learn about the different type of licenses we offer as well as what you can and can't do with the fonts- font usage guidelines, limitations and restrictions.

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