Where can I buy P22 fonts?

P22 fonts can be purchased online for immediate download directly from our web site as well as through various authorized reseller sites. If you have questions regarding a product, please use our contact form.

What forms of payment are accepted on the P22 shopping cart?

P22 accepts Paypal, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Can I purchase full collections or libraries?

P22 sells licenses for its full collections, including, P22, LTC, IHOF and the HWT. Currently only the HWT Collection is available for immediate purchase and download online. Contact P22 for current pricing or for additional licensing information for the other collections.

Does P22 offer Bundle Discounts?

All sets, families and full collections that include multiple fonts are discounted. The larger the set or family, the larger the discount. In addition, when purchasing the fonts for multiple users, all purchases are calculated using our multi-user discount schedule. The more users, the greater the discount. We also run promotions on a frequent basis for collections and special packs. Sign up for our newsletter (bottom of every page) and you will receive this information.

Do you have educational discounts?

We offer a 15% student and educator’s discount. Proper ID is required. Use our contact form to get set-up today. If you are a school looking for fonts for classroom or computer lab use, we do offer special licensing and you will need to contact P22 to learn more. If you are non-educational department within a school, and would to license the font for publications, advertising or promotional usage, education discounts do not apply.

Does P22 have any fonts on sale?

P22 does offer sales and promos on a regular basis. Promos can be found on our homepage. We also encourage you to sign up for our mailing list to be alerted to all sales or create a customer account to receive special offers. Subscribe to our newsletter (bottom of every page) or sign up for an account (top right "Register" on every page) today and receive a free font for signing up!

How do I obtain a file replacement?

File upgrades and replacements are sent to all registered uses at no cost if there is a known issue with a file.

Please note that as of December 1, 2013, all fonts on the P22 website are available in OpenType format only. If you have purchased a font in TrueType or PostScript format prior to this date, or if you have purchased a packaged font from a retail outlet prior to January 1, 2007, and need to receive a replacement file, you will need to purchase an upgrade. Please use the contact form, with proof of purchase, to submit your file replacement request. The cost to obtain the upgrade 75% off per font or title.

If there is a technical issue with a file or if you are in need of replacement of an OpenType file due to system crash or other reasonable error, we can replace your file at no cost, provided that you are a registered user of the font or you can provide proof of purchase (in most cases, if you have purchased the font from an authorized P22 font reseller, the reseller can replace the font).

What are all of these licensing options that appear in the shopping cart and which one is for me?

Things have changed in recent years in regards to how people use type. In addition to print design, webfont usage, electronic publishing and mobile applications development are now sought after by everyday, professional, and industry users alike. In most cases, you will need a single device desktop license if you are using the font for home usage and general print design projects. Special licenses as well as multi-user licensing options, can now be accessed through the various order options. If you don’t see something in the list of ordering options, please inquire using our contact form.

All of these uses are explored in greater detail within the Licensing & Usage section as well as the Font Licenses section.

What is a device?

A device is a computer (desktop, laptop, iPad, et al.), printer or character generator, LAN or WAN server, or any machine that uses font data to rasterize letterforms. At the time of purchase, each device in which the font is required for installation, must be calculated. If you require the installation of the font on more than one device, a multi-device license is required. The multi-device license is the same as the basic license but provides additional coverage for the number devices that are specified and are generally discounted.

Please note that all multi-device licenses are only issued to a single location. If the the font software is to be used at more than one location, separate licenses must be purchased for each location OR a special multi-site license is required. Please contact P22 for pricing and details.

What if my intended usage is not provided in the licensing options or is not permitted in the EULA?

The End User License Agreement, or EULA, provides a license to use the software for many uses. However, certain and special conditions may exist, where a custom license is required. If this is the case, we consider all special licenses on a per case basis. If you cannot find the information within the licensing section, please use our contact form.

Please note that custom licenses are handled in the order that they are received. We do try our best to complete all licensing requests in a timely fashion. But we ask to make sure that you leave adequate time for the review, drafting and authorization process.

Can I upgrade my font license to accommodate additional users or locations?

Extended licenses to accommodate additional users, multi-site usage and 3rd party uses such as freelancers, independent contractors, sub-licensees can be purchased at any time. Use our contact form to receive a quote.

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