Licensing & Usage
What is a license?

When you purchase font software, you are not actually purchasing the ownership rights to the software, but rather a license to use the font. The license, also know as the EULA (End User License Agreement), includes the permissions, guidelines and restrictions that accompany the particular font for the particular use for which the license has been purchased. Through our website, P22 provides licenses for desktop use, webfonts, Mobile apps and ePubs. Other special licensing uses such as large scale campaign usage, branding, font embedding, enterprise licensing (license that covers many parties during the course of a campaign), merchandising licensing and OEM (inclusion of the font software within another product) are covered under very special, customized licenses only. For more information, contact P22.

What is our basic license?

When choosing a license from the P22 website, the default option is a 1 Device Desktop license. This license covers the installation of the font on one device for you or your company's internal business use. Our basic desktop use license covers most personal usage including everyday document uses such as print correspondence, student projects, garage sale fliers, community newsletters, local theater and band promotion, self promotion pieces such as business cards, letterhead, independent publishing and independent artist/music labels. Some professional and limited commercial uses such as logos, advertising, packaging, signage and value-added product design uses are also covered under the basic license. However, depending on the campaign scale certain usage, a commercial license extension may be required (see "What uses are not covered under the basic license")

See Logo Usage below for more detailed information regarding logos.

What is a Multi Device license?

This license is required if the font is to be installed on more than one device at one location with the exception of the laptop clause (see below). You can choose the number of devices when ordering on our site. However, this number is limited to 100 and you will be required to contact our sales department if you need to purchase a larger license.

If you are purchasing a font license solely for personal use and would like to install the font on one laptop in addition to your home computer, you may do so without obtaining a device upgrade provided that all usage is personal and the laptop is not transferring the font to another user or network such as your workplace.

What is a Corporate license?

This license is required for large companies with many users and sites that may or may not have special usage needs such as installation of the font over a network, corporate id package materials or PDF embedding licenses.

What is an Enterprise license?

This license is required for use of a font(s) generally for large scale campaigns where many parties, including independent contractors, agencies, printers, 3rd party vendors or merchandisers are required to share the font over the course of a campaign.

What is a license extension?

A license extension is an upgrade to a basic license that can accommodate most uses not covered by the basic license. A license can be extended or expanded to cover additional users and sites, corporate use, commercial and professional uses or other uses not covered by the basic license. Additional fees apply with license extensions and are typically based on the scale of use. Contact P22 to expand your license.

If you would like to extend the number of devices required under your license, contact P22 to receive a prorated quite.


What uses are not covered under the basic license?

Multi device licenses, large scale campaign usage including advertising and branding campaigns, retail packaging, TV, film and entertainment promotion use, product design, merchandising, OEM licensing, gaming usage, and corporate identity are generally not covered by the basic EULA and require a license extension. These uses are outlined below in greater detail. Please note that special licenses such as web fonts, apps, ePubs, gaming and other embedding licenses have very specific usage guidelines and are explained within their respective FAQ and licenses.

-Large Scale campaign usage- A special license is needed for campaigns that require an excess of 100,000 imprints. This includes any combination of print advertising, store, billboard or mobile signage, point of purchase displays, retail packaging, and other uses over the course of a campaign.

This restriction also applies to large volume book and magazine publishers, newspapers and greeting card manufactures. Please contact P22 for licensing fees.

-Branding Uses- If you are using a P22 font, alphanumeric or illustrative glyph, as a branding component for your business or product, a license extension is required. This includes uses of the font to be: distributed within an identity package; uses that meet the criteria of a large scale campaign usage; and businesses operating with a storefront that require the use of font (or logo) to cover a wide array of design uses such as signage and various design materials- brochures, print advertising, menus, supplies, merchandise and promo items. A branding license is also generally required for major label recording artists, entertainers, media personalities and other celebrity for use of font within a branding campaign or major release.

- TV, Film and Entertainment Uses- A special license extension is required for the use of a font in the design of titles and other branding materials pertaining to a TV show, network use, or film release. Non-branding uses such as use in credits, prop design or general design for promotional pieces, only require a license extension if the terms of the basic license are note met, the use of artwork or illustrative elements, use of the font on any merchandise, retail packaging or print uses that meet the large scale campaign usage criteria.

- Product Design and Merchandising Uses- A license is required if you are using a P22 font as the primary design element within the production of a commercial item or good. Such examples include alphabet and letterform products where the font constitute the primary functionality or value of the product such as stencil kits, house numbers, scrapbooking alphabets, magnets, monogramming, rubber stamps, and customized product design. A license extension is also required for value added uses where the font is not the primary design element and where more than 20,000 items (impressions) are to be created. Examples of value added use include- artwork and photography captioning, social stationary, t-shirts and apparel. If you are a service bureau or a promotions business that offers product services to end users, you will require a commercial license upgrade to include the P22 fonts within products, regardless of the amount of products manufactured or sold.

-Corporate Use including Logos- If you are a company with an annual gross revenue greater than $10 Million USD, you are required to purchase a Corporate logo license upgrade. If your company would like to include a P22 font within a corporate identity package that requires the distribution of the font software for corporate-wide use including 3rd party users, you will require an enterprise license. Please use the P22 contact form for more information.

-Embedding, OEM and special licenses- The basic license permits you to embed a P22 font only within non-editable and non-commercial documents. However, a special licensing is required to embed the fonts within publicly distributed and/or commercial PDFs, ePubs, mobile apps, software and hardware, gaming devices, video games, and online applications. See Embedding for more detailed information.


Can I use your font in a logo?

Yes you can. However, a logo fee is required if:
1. you are using illustrative glyph such as an extra, dingbat, ornament or other artwork.
2.if you are a large company with over $10 million annual gross revenue
3. if the logo is to be within a large scale campaign that require more than 100,000 imprints, including product packaging and other small/large business branding uses that the use the font for a wide array of uses such as signage, advertising, promotional merchandise and all forms of design collateral.

Use of illustrative glyphs within artwork and logos

The use of illustrative glyphs, aka artwork, dingbats, extras, ornaments, etal generally requires an additional license for most professional and commercial uses including logos, published design work, advertising campaigns, product design, etal. Please contact P22 if you have questions.

Can I use your fonts on merchandise that I am designing?

Yes you can. You will need a special license extension for the following uses:
1. The font is used as the primary design element
2. The font is being used as a value added element and you are producing more than 20, 000 items
3. The font is embedded within your product
4. You are a products manufacturer, website, service bureau or promotions company that offers personalized goods
5. You are a designer who is creating general design materials to be incorporated within a large scale merchandising campaign, including signage or packaging materials. Although not part of the merchandise itself, special licensing consideration is required.
6. Your book becomes a best seller and the seemingly understated font on the cover is then used in the creation of movie titles and a subsequent merchandising juggernaut ensues.

Should I purchase the font or my designer and what about client work in general?

This depends on how the font is being used. If all parties require the font, then all parties are required to purchase a separate license that suits their respective needs. You may purchase a license on behalf of a 3rd party, such as a designer, contractor or agency to design your materials. However, you must provide the 3rd party's information to P22 and they must agree to the terms of the P22 license. If you have already purchased and registered the font under your name, you may transfer ownership. the transferring of a font license requires that you contact P22 for approval, you provide the necessary licensing information, the party provides P22 with acceptance of the licensing terms and you remove and delete all instances of the font from your device(s) and any back-ups.

If you are design agency and are using the fonts on client campaigns, the client will not need their own license provided that you are not transferring the font to the client in anyway and the materials are in non-editable format and the client cannot edit or modify the content. If the client's usage exceeds the permissions of our basic license and requires a special license extension, an additional licensing fee will be required on behalf of each client.

Can I give or share the fonts to a printer or service bureau?

P22 fonts are licensed per device. If you are providing the fonts to any 3rd party via project file, e-mail, editable PDF or any other means of transfer, that party is required to purchase a license to use the fonts. We recommend that all jobs be sent to printer as non-editable PDF or other file type where the fonts are converted to outlines. This will ensure that the printer receives the file as intended and it removes any doubt as to their further use of the fonts.

Can I customize of modify fonts?

If you plan on modifying a P22 font or any font distributed by P22, you must contact us for permission. If you are using the font within the terms of our EULA, and simply would like to modify the appearance of a glyph for your logo or design using a page layout applications such as Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop, you are permitted to do so as long as you, the licensed user, is doing the work.

Can I use your fonts on the web?

If you are planning to integrate a P22 font for web-based typography using the CSS @font-face tag, you will require a webfont license. Webfont licenses can be purchased directly from the P22 website or from an authorized P22 webfont reseller. You are not permitted to use a conversion tool, 3rd party or other, to convert our desktop fonts for use on websites, or otherwise embed our desktop fonts using the css@fontface tag. You are also not permitted to use or link a P22 font file such as OTF, TTF or PS, within web pages. The use of SiFr or Facelift (Flir) requires a special license from P22. The use of the fonts with Cufon is not permitted. See Webfont License.

You may use the fonts to create static graphic for websites such as menu headings titles and other elements. Static graphic formats include gif, jpg and png images. If are using a font(s) within a Flash-based image and the font is included as a static element or outlined, this is permitted without additional license provided that the image is limited to one url and is not distributed. However, if the font is integrated within a dynamic text interface, an additional license is required.


Can I use your fonts to make PDFs?

Yes, provided that the font is securely embedded and subset, and cannot be edited, altered or modified. However, if you are selling the PDF, or if you are publicly distributing the PDF, a license extension will be required. If you are planning on including the font(s) within an editable document, we do not permit this without a very special license.

If you would like a custom license that provides editing rights for PDFs and other electronic documents, please contact us.

ePub Licensing

P22 offers a special ePub license for those wanting to embed a P22 font within an electronic publication (ePub, eBook eMagazine or eNewspaper). Accepted formats for this license include ePub 2.0-3.0, Adobe Digital editions eReader software, PDF and KF8. Each issue of the electronic publication is considered a separate publication. Licenses for a single ePub or unlimited ePubs can be purchased directly on this website. Please note that the license provided does not permit the use of the font for desktop and print usage. An additional desktop license is required to accommodate the appropriate number of users. See ePub License for more details.

Print on Demand (POD) Use

If you are producing a self-published book and are making the book available in digital format and are using a print on demand (POD) service, you may provide artwork to the publisher provided that the text is converted to outlines or other non-editable format. If you are planning to use an illustrative glyph, either as cover art or throughout the book, please contact P22 for more information. Additional licensing fees may be required.

If you are providing the font to the POD, they will be required to contact P22 to obtain their own license to use the font.


Mobile Apps Usage

We offer a special license to embed or integrate a font within a mobile app. However, the font must be embedded in a manner which is non-editable by the user of the app. Please note that if you are only using the font to render static or bitmap graphic images within the app and the image does not represent the primary functionality or value of the app, you do not need a license. If the font is being used to create a vector image such as an EPS or SVG, a mobile app license is not required. However, an upgrade fee is required for this usage.

If the font is embedded within the app and allows a user of the app to edit, modify, or alter the font, a special integration license is required. See Mobile App License for more details.

Video Games Use

Our basic desktop license does not permit fonts to be integrated within a video game, such as but not limited to, an online games, MAC/PC game, console games (Wii, X-Box, PS products, DS), kiosks, and standalone gaming devices and we do require a special license for this use. Please contact P22 for more information.

Online Application Uses

If you require the use of the font within a dynamic interface such as sever-based or web-based program that allows users to input their own text or to render dynamic or live text on a website or device, a special online application license is required. Please note that any application that allows users to create new documents, modify, edit or alter existing ones or print using the font are strictly prohibited and require a special OEM license. Please contact P22 for more details.

OEM Uses

If you want to include or integrate a font within a software product, PDF, hardware device, machinery, or any use that embeds the font and permits the editing and usage of the font by a user that is not covered by the license, a very special OEM license is required to account for each user of the font. Please contact P22 for more details.

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