Font File Upgrades
I have old P22 fonts on CD or Floppy (TrueType and PostScript Type1 versions), how can I upgrade to OpenType format?

You can upgrade to the current versions by sending us proof of purchase, we will then provide you with an upgrade code that will allow you to get them for 75% off the current price. The new fonts will then be attached to your account and you will be able to download them up to three times. Our fonts have evolved and been improved, upgraded, and regenerated many times since the floppy/CD era to work well with current softwares and operating systems.

I just want to use the old fonts I’ve already purchased,
how can I get them on to my new computer?

Although Adobe has announced that they will no longer support PostScript fonts in the near future, TrueType and PostScript fonts still work on current operating systems. You can purchase an external floppy or CD drive rather cheaply, and add them back on to your computer. Or simply email the font files to yourself from your old computer (font files are small), so that you can access them from your email on your new computer.

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