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P22 recommends that all files be downloaded directly to your computer's desktop or an easily accessible folder located on your computer. If you are unable to locate the file(s) after it has been downloaded, we will only be able to offer limited support as we do not offer support for operating system-level issues.

All downloads are provided from the P22 website in a compressed, .zip format. They should easily open with your system’s internal file handling. If your computer does not have such a utility, you may need to install a 3rd party application (see Windows below) After the file has been downloaded to your computer’s desktop (or other designated, known location), you can proceed with the installation of your font files.


Locate and double click the file icon to unzip the file and access the files contents.
To install in FontBook, double click the font file and Font Book should open. Choose Add Fonts from the FILE Menu.

-Alternate Installation for Mac OSX The alternate and recommended installation method is to copy/drag the font files (important: do not copy/drag the FOLDERS containing the fonts) here: MAC HD>Library>Fonts. If your computer is configured for multiple users, the fonts will be available in all applications that use fonts.


Locate and double click the file icon to unzip the file and access the files contents.

Windows 7+ users will see the font preview window open up. Choose the Install New Font button located on the preview window bar.

XP and Vista Users: 1. Open Fonts Panel by clicking the Start button→Settings→Control Panel→(Classic View) Fonts.

Windows Vista Users—Open the Fonts panel by clicking the Start button→Control Panel→clicking 'Appearance and Personalization'→Fonts.

2. In the Font Panel, select the File Menu, and then choose Install New Font. Windows Vista Users—If you don't see the File menu, press ALT.

3. In the Add Fonts Panel, choose the location of the downloaded fonts. -Choose the appropriate drive (located in the list of Drives) -Locate the folder (listed under Folders) that contains the font(s) to install. When the fonts are located, they will appear in the top portion of the window in List of Fonts.

4. Under List of fonts, click Select ALL and then OK. Your fonts should now be installed and will appear in the menu of every application that uses a font menu.

IMPORTANT: Applications (i.e. MS Word) must be restarted before the font is available in the Font Menu. It is never a bad idea to restart the computer after software is installed.

Special note: If you are using an older operating system that does not contain a utility/application that can open .zip files, you may require the download of a 3rd party application such as WinZip or 7-Zip to open the file and access the contents, including fonts and documentation. P22 does not offer support for 3rd party software applications.

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