Books & Resources

Here are some books that feature P22 so of course we recommend them!

Graphic Design Inspirations

by Flo Gaertner & Lars Harmsen

1000 More Greetings

by Aesthetic Movement

Graphic Design Referenced

by Armin Vit & Bryony Gomez Palacio

Design Entrepeneur

by Steven Heller

Type Idea Index

by Jim Krause

Goodbye Gutenberg

by Valerie Kirschenbaum

1000 Type Treatments

by Wilson Harvey

Indie Fonts

featuring dozens of independent type foundries and type designers from around the world
Indie Fonts 2
Indie Fonts 3

Language Culture Type

by John D. Berry

Letterforms: Bawdy, Bad and Beautiful

by Steven Heller, Christine Thompson

Free Fonts Designers Guide

by Kathleen Ziegler, Nick Greco, Tamye Riggs


Justin Howes

Fun with Fonts

by David E. Carter

Graphis Digital Fonts 1

by Baruch Gorkin, Tom Carnase, B. Martin Pedersen

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